Are Wireless Call Systems Really Better than Hardwired?

According to a recent National Center for Health Statistics report, only 45.9% of American households still used landlines for their telephones.  This probably isn’t that surprising since increasingly wireless is in and wired is out. 

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A Culture of Caring Drives 20 Years in Senior Living Technology

In a recent article on Senior Housing Forum, Susan Saldibar discussed the ways in which culture is driving the success of one senior living technology company.  Here is what Sue had to say...

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How do Call System Reports Improve Senior Care?

In a recent article on Senior Housing Forum, Susan Saldibar spoke with Jacquie Brennan, Vice President of Operations for Vigil Health Solutions Inc about Call System Reporting and the benefits. Here's what she learned.

Reporting has really gone through a transformation in senior living,...

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Privacy vs. Safety for Residents with Alzheimer's

Do senior living communities need to do a better job  of balancing safety with privacy?

Well, we all know what can happen when a senior resident forgets to turn off the stove or attempts to walk from point A to point B without a cane or walker. Avoiding these potential disasters is part of what...

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Pagers or Call System Apps. Which is Right for Your Senior Living Community?

Call systems have come a long way from the old school light switches on a pull string that flashed lights and sounded buzzers. Technology advances and a trend toward homelike environments for senior care, have led away from the noxious stimuli of light and sounds, toward silent hand-held...

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How to Make the Most of Your Training Budget for New Technology Systems

Imagine a new senior living community. To say there is a lot going on is an understatement. Technology and plenty of applications being installed and tested. Everyone getting in everyone else’s way. At some point, someone pulls out a contract that reads something like this:

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13 Loving Ways To Help Your Parents Transition To a Care Community

If everything were perfect, we would all plan our retirement and our twilight years while we were lucid, healthy and open-minded.

Your scowling parents are sitting across from you with tightly folded arms as you try to explain, once more, why they should think about moving to a care community.

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How Technology Improves Quality of Life for Memory Care Residents

Making the decision to move a family member with Alzheimer's disease or dementia, to a memory care residence is never easy.

If you are at that crossroad, it's because you are no longer able to keep your loved one healthy and safe at home. That can be hard to accept, but caring for a loved one...

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What's the Difference between Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease?

Dementia is not in itself a disease but rather a group of symptoms that affect certain tasks like memory and reasoning. It is often confused with Alzheimer’s disease, which is entirely different.

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Voice Activated Call Systems Help Residents with Physical Limitations

Here at Vigil we are always looking for ways to improve seniors’ quality of life through creative technology.    Our signature product, the Vigil Memory Care System, was designed for the specific needs of those with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia.   Residents with cognitive issues are...

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Would Benchmarking Call Response Times Benefit Senior Living Communities?

As you can imagine, call response time tracking is an important part of our business at Vigil Health Solutions. Our system, like many other current nurse call systems, records each call time as well as the cancel time in a database so users can see how long staff is taking to respond to calls.

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What's New in Systems for Senior Living...

Technology is constantly changing and so are the features available for senior living communities.  This blog will keep you up to date on new trends, what's available now and what to look forward to in the future. 

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